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Lucy Siegle author of Turning the Tide on Plastic comments that we are living in the Plastic Age.

Since the 1950s we have produced 8.3 bn tones of plastic. Only 9% of which have been recycled with the remainder being incinerated, placed in the landfill and discarded into our oceans.

Roadfill®is actively working with Local Government Authorities to remove plastic waste and turn it into products that reduce our use of fossil fuels to repair and relay roads.

Although a modern day problem, plastic was first invented by Alexander Parkes, a Victorian entrepreneur who filed a patent in 1855 and named it Parkesine. The aim was to find a better solution to the mass slaughter of elephants, turtles, oysters, and cows which were used to make buttons. Now though our plastic reliance is killing the environment and wildlife. Roadfill® and it’s product Roadworx® is helping to turn plastic waste into renewable products.