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Roadfill Partners With LCRIG

Roadfill has recently become a member of LCRIG. This is a collaboration of Highways England, local government agencies and leading highway construction and engineering companies. Together we help shape current and future developments of the UK’s strategic road network. 


Roadfill Partners With University of Greenwich

Roadfill is proud to announce it is commencing a working collaboration with the university of Greenwich and Anglia Ruskin beginning in April 2021. This is a joint venture with funding being provided by KEEP+ which to date is the largest financial project undertaken by them. As well as monitoring and showcasing our Roadworx products we are taking on additional employees which further underlines the continuous success of Roadfill. 


Roadfill Partners With Toppesfield

The UK’s largest independent surfacing contractor, Toppesfield, was chosen to work alongside Roadfill and the universities on our collaboration and they will be laying down our Roadworx products.