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In April 2021, Highways England released forecasts showing that within a generation 50% of motorways and major A-roads will during peak times have to cope with levels of traffic currently experienced on the M25.

Local Councils are struggling to find enough resources to fix their ailing roads. Roadfill® and its product Roadworx® offer local councils and local authorities cost savings as much as 50%  compared to their current expenditure. When compared with a study by the Asphalt Industry Alliance which advises the government which showed an annual shortfall of £556 million in England and Wales on road upkeep and maintenance.

The annual Local Authority road maintenance survey(ALARM) in its 26th annual report in 2021 highlighted that you could drive almost around the world on the length of roads in England  and Wales that could fail in the next 12 months. Cash  strapped local authorities report that more than 24,000 miles of local road need repairing in the next year.

By using Roadfill® and its product Roadworx® in repairing and laying roads, it will substantially reduce maintenance costs, lower landfill waste and associated taxes, reduce carbon emissions, reduce the reliance upon bitumen use in asphalt and create a more environmentally stable way of carrying out this work.