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Roadfill® and its products Roadworx® work with local highway authorities and councils to repair damaged roads using recycled plastic waste which is added to a bitumen mix when laying asphalt. Our ever increasing use of fossil based fuels and over reliance on plastic products has had a damaging effect to our planet. Seeking out alternative uses for plastic landfill waste has lead to the creation of Roadfill® and its products Roadworx®.
Roads and motorways are the tangible links to our community and cities. The upkeep and creation of new roads relies solely upon heavy use of fossil fuels. Roadfill® and its products Roadworx® use recycled products previously destined to landfill sites which when added to a bitumen mix will significantly reduce the amount of fossil fuel usage, reduce carbon emissions, reduce landfill waste and tax and extend the current life of a road surface.

Who we are

Roadfill® products Roadworx® are added to asphalt mix. By adding our Roadworx® recycled plastic products, it substitutes the amount of bitumen needed to repair or relay a road. The polymers add extra flexibility to the road surface and aids in the reduction of tyre fatigue which again is helping to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

Plastic waste is at an epidemic level throughout the world and the recent televised Blue Planet 2 series has highlighted even more the damage that we humans have done.

Roadfill® are one of the pioneers in helping to use plastic waste in an environmentally and innovative way to help solve the problem of plastic waste, reduce landfill waste, reduce CO₂ emissions and save substantial sums of money for government and local authority highway budgets.


Christie Raptaki

Christie Raptaki

Founder & CEO

Christie’s self-starter approach has been a key catalyst for the growth and transformation of Roadfill since founding the company. Heading Roadfill as CEO for four years now Christie built Roadfill to be the leading name in Innovative Road Materials, Products and Road surfacing.

Started back in 2016 actively working in innovative projects focusing into how to find uses for our excess plastic usage and waste plastic.

Chris Fallon

Chris Fallon

Sales Manager

Chris is the newest member of the team, yet already massively adopted. Chris has a long more than 30 year experience in business development and sales management. We find that Chris’s contribution to the team has proven very useful and he is already known as the “wise man” of the family.

Dinos Raptakis

Dinos Raptakis

Tender Manager

Dinos started more than 15 years ago in a large scale family business . His management and marketing skills continued to expand in various businesses throughout the years and his interest in the environment has been always present in every step of his career. His innovative ideas and his great spirit along with his environmental focus was a great missing part for our company. Dinos is  eager to grow with us, us,with our goals and expectations. We will make the future brighter as he says!


Raphael Etugbo

Raphael Etugbo

Assistant Engineer

Raphael has recently graduated in Computer science and currently pursuing his Master’s in Engineering Management. Although recently joined the team, Raphael’s support on the Company’s daily operations, sales and supply chain has proven Raphael to be a great member of the team.

Tony OIkonomou

Tony OIkonomou

IT/WEB Senior Consultant

Tony does not speak English, we need to talk in computer coding language to communicate. Tony has a long and great experience in web development and digital marketing, he is an expert in SEO. He is responsible for all the IT around Roadfill Limited. And for what you are able to see on this website right now. Tony is definitely a valuable member of our team.



“The Proper Dog”

Security Operations Assistance
Ted is the operations assistant of the security department in our company. Tequila is the trigger and Ted has to run and resolve the case. Ted will direct the delivery boy to the right department and will also meet and greet people in each and every office.

Hellen Bogdanou

Hellen Bogdanou

Office Assistant

Helen is our admin and office assistant. She helps with a range of clients from small sole traders to larger limited companies. Keeping herself organized as well as our customers is key to smooth bookkeeping and the office management. Keeping invoices and paperwork organized makes everything easier and more efficient in the long run.

Toyin Ajibade

Toyin Ajibade

Research Engineer

Toyin is our Research Engineer. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer by the Engineering Council through the Institution of Civil Engineers. He holds a doctorate degree in Civil Engineering and has worked in the UK Higher Education sector as a researcher and in the industry as a civil engineer before joining Roadfill Ltd. He is responsible for research activities and project supervision, so thumbs up to Toyin from all the team.



“ The boss”

She is the chief of the security department in our company. Due to her multidimensional personality she became responsible for many things such as: Responsible for alerting Ted when the deliveries or meetings arrive. Cleaning (She eats whatever falls on the floor). Create and maintain relationships with our clients and suppliers as she has her own way to do so. Recycling expert because she always collects the plastic bottles wherever they are.


By using recycled plastic waste products, we are all contributing to a reduction in landfill, effectively removing more plastic waste which in turn is reducing carbon footprint and our reliance on fossil fuels.

Almost any road that you have used in recent times has been laid with bitumen which has had a polymer mix added to it, but by using recycled plastic into a mixture of asphalt significantly reduces the amount of bitumen needed. It also allows for greater elasticity of the road surface reducing the formation of cracks and creation of potholes which are a major hazard to all for our safety and associated financial costs.

Road networks are being used more frequently and car ownership grows every year. However, since the financial crisis in 2008 government expenditure and particularly that of local authorities has been significantly reduced.

The surface of the road to which you use and see is typically no more than 0.8cm thick and this quickly leads to fatigue and wear and tear.

By using Roadfill® and its products Roadworx® it binds to the asphalt mix, resulting in less use of bitumen, is stronger, more durable and more reliable than traditional asphalt usage and ultimately cheaper to local authority budgets.





By taking on a product produced, used and discarded daily by everyone, plastic waste has become a major environmental problem.

Roadfill® is tackling this problem directly by turning our use of plastic waste into products that when added to a bitumen mix reduce our reliance upon this oil-based fossil fuel, reduce landfill waste and associated taxes, reduce CO2 emissions and provide a greener alternative to existing road maintenance and design.

Our roads are a vital asset, worth in the region of £400 billion and they support all aspects of our daily work and home lives. Roadfill® is in a unique position to utilise recycled plastic waste to repair, maintain and build new road networks working with our clients within this industry.
Our ultimate aim is for greener, cleaner and safer roads.

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At the beginning of May 2019 the Committee of Climate Change stated that “Technology is to capture and store Carbon emissions is a necessity not an option”.

Roadfill®is continuously looking at ways of making our environment more balanced and harmonious and contributing to a healthier world.

We are currently working closely with a European partner in environmental technologies by harnessing an abundant natural micro porous mineral, which when added to our Roadworx®product  will have the potential to absorb harmful pollutants from vehicle emissions. 

This will make road repairs and entire newly laid road dressings a “living road”. The scope of applying our unique Roadworx®product at and near inner city school playgrounds, tube stations, airports, hospitals and congested shopping streets such as Oxford street in London, are a new and highly innovative way of minimising our impact of damage to the environment and under pinning our aim to produce greener, cleaner and safer roads. 


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